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Cathrine Cook - Awakened Choice Founder


Hello! I'm Cathrine the founder of Awakened Travel FB group and Awakened Choice website. 


Have you been asking yourself … What kind of life do I want to create? What kind of message do I want to share?  What kind of impact do I want to have?  


Let’s talk about how we can work together to consciously create your dream life. 


I help people build healthier habits and turn a passion for holistic wellness into a successful online business with the wonderful. This means that you can build it and develop it wherever you are. So you can go on adventures and earn as you go whist making a huge difference for good in peoples lives. I am looking to work with people who are ready to create that residual income. 

If you feel you connect with what we are all about, lets work together and build a deeper friendship too. 


See more on Awakened Naturally with doTERRA or


Clare Harvey - Soul Tribe Media & Clare Harvey Strategy


Hi everyone, I'm Clare and I worked with Catherine to create this website for you all! 

I work with awakened business owners to put some soul into your online presence through web design, funnel builds & social media management.                 

As well as running my media agency I am also a Business Strategy Coach. My passion is to work with Soulful Women in business to smash their business goals and build an aligned business and legacy.

I have been in business for 20 years and have grown 6 x 6 figure businesses including a franchise network.

To join my group programs or work 1-2-1 with me take a look at my website.

To Book one of my Power Hour Strategy Sessions

If you are a Soulful Women in Business and want to network with my amazing tribe of likeminded business owners come and take a look at my free business networking group. 

Soulful Women In Business Facebook Group


Viv Chamberlin-Kidd


Helping you reclaim your personal power so that you can live with joy and ease.


Be the SOVEREIGN of your Soul.

Be the HERO of your Health.


My sessions are tailor-made to your needs wherever you are on life's journey. If you are feeling stuck, unfocused or you would just like a little bit more magic in your life, book a free call today.


Be the EMPEROR of your emotions.

Be the BOSS of your Body.


 I use core shamanic practitioner healing techniques alongside plant medicine and energy work. Book a free chat with me now. 


Let me guide you on a journey to:


Be your best whole self, so you can live with balance and intention.

Esther Cooney - Mimi Beauty


Mimi’s natural and organic beauty treatment room is located just outside the picturesque Stratford upon Avon. I only select high quality organic, natural products and cosmetics to nurture you and your skin. I have often witnessed damaged skin caused by skin products that contain chemical and toxic elements. Therefore I insist on using only natural organic products that stimulate your skin cells, so they are able to rejuvenate day and night. When your skin is active and lively, it radiates health

Joanna Gore.jpg

Joanna Gore - Shape Your Own Life


Hi, I'm Joanna Gore. I partner with an international company operating in the Leadership Education and Personal Development Industries and offer award winning Personal Development courses and a world class business opportunity to big thinkers all over the world.

This online business allows me to choose my working hours and I can work from anywhere, which is what suits my family perfectly.

I'm looking to work with driven professionals who are just as passionate about creating freedom.

Jane Butterworth.jpg

Jane Butterworth - Sovereign Frequency Architect


Hello, I am passionate about our sovereign right to perfect health and protecting our energy and frequency. I supply a portable, frequency healing device using quantum technology for mind, body, and spirit. Heal and amplify your health, wealth and business! This is for conscious bio-field believers and practitioners. 
Immune system, cellular vitality, sleep & digestion patterns balanced, EMF and cellular protection, aura & chakra balancing, pain, anxiety, pet & digital nutrition programs.

Chanel Morales.jpeg

Chanel Morales - The Dream Club


Chanel Morales is an online business coach helping women to create online businesses so that they can travel the world long term. This includes businesses such as coaching, consulting, online courses, digital marketing, membership sites and virtual assistant. Chanel believes that we all have skills that can be used to make an income and create a positive impact in the online world.

Mikayla Curti - Raisin' Health International


I am a functional nutritionist, USA RD, CLEC, LD, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Travel Wellness Counsellor. I m a Doterra and Arbonne Consultant.

Vicky Wilson - Energise Health and Nutrition


I'm a Naturopathic Nutritionist and Homeopath specialising in Women's health, anxiety and stress.  I use the power of food and natural remedies to wake up your healing body.

Jo Arnold- Indigo Healer


Hello. I am Jo, Indigo Healer. I am an Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher Trainer, offering healing sessions to clients worldwide, as well as training workshops in the UK. The Angels are always delighted to assist us. All we have to do is ask! Through the practice of Angelic Reiki, the most incredible healing energies are brought to us, directly from the Angels, addressing emotional, physical, karmic and ancestral imbalances. Healing sessions are carried out online. I have witnessed the most incredible miracles and I am forever grateful to the Angels.

Email me to book a healing session, or to find out more about courses. New website coming soon.

Yvonne Halling - Bed and Breakfast Coach

Yvonne Halling ran her own B&B in the champagne region of France initially as a hobby, but then after a series of catastrophic events where the B&B had suddenly become the only source of income for her family, in less than 2 years she grew it from a €10k a year hobby into a professional, profitable and sustainable business making over €100k a year with just 4 rooms and no “help” from online travel agents.

Yvonne is now an international speaker, trainer, coach, mentor and award-winning online marketer at Bed and Breakfast which she set up in 2013. She created the B&B Money Maker Business Transformation Program in 2014 and now shares her proven strategies and philosophy with her international client base of bed and breakfasts, guest houses, inns and boutique hotels.

Her clients typically add between 20% and 100% to their businesses in one season, and enjoy the unexpected side benefits of increased confidence, happiness and peace of mind.

Gill Barham & Amanda Potter - Soul Radiance Retreats


The Solutions Sisters are delighted to offer 3 -10 day healing holidays that provide fun opportunities to connect with other awakened souls. We are selecting venues that allow for freedom of choice and sovereignty to enable you to feel completely at ease so that you can relax, enjoy and embrace the new you.

wellingborough wills.png

Dani King - Wellingborough Wills


Wellingborough Wills is a family run firm of awakened estate planners covering all of England and Wales. We guide you through the process of protecting what you’ve worked hard for to ensure you can pass it onto the right people in the right way. Whether you are looking to ensure your children’s future is secured and financially looked after, reduce your inheritance tax liabilities, protect your partner or to simply update your Will after a marriage or divorce; we provide a solution for you.

Jad Orlinska - Spiritual Junkies' Community Centre


The Spiritual Junkies’ Community Centre is a virtual space for those on a spiritual or personal development journey, for those who are awake or have just woken up.

It is a place where you can meet others on the same journey, support each other, learn, and grow together. We are an open, inclusive, non-judgemental, and friendly group.

Mel Parker - Live Your Best Life


I am part of a global community of like minded business owners with one common goal - a desire to achieve time and financial freedom, and to help others do the same!  Using our proven system, we have helped tens of thousands of people create successful online businesses based on the premise of creating health, wealth and happiness . All you need is a smartphone or laptop, an internet connection and a willingness to learn! It would be my pleasure to mentor you. Our free workshop provides more info.

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Melanie Hanspall - Lovenutritioncambridge


Hi, my name is Melanie and I'm a nutritionist and plant based chef based in Cambridgeshire (I'm prepared to travel for work). It gives me immense pleasure to be help clients make positive changes.  I offer a range of bespoke services: nutrition consultations, cooking classes and catering for: events, pop-ups, yoga retreats, weddings, private chef.

Gill Kirkham - Modern Day Alchemist


I help those on their awakening journey release blocks, activate their joy. This means they expand their businesses and have harmonious relationships, especially the one with themselves.  I have an event coming up, for more details please visit


Raisa Breslava - Holistic massage therapist


Hi, I am Raisa and I create bespoke massage treatments lasting up to 6 hours long, in NW5 London. I am a qualified Holistic massage therapist supporting clients that are wanting support with the movement and strengthening of their authentic energy. I work with clients who are needing to regain deeper connection to their body and spirit. I incorporate Taoist water tradition breath-work and meditation into my treatments.

My treatment therapy space is right by the ancient and gorgeous Hampstead Heath, an ancient heath covering 320 hectares of land right in London, with plenty of ponds to relax by. Booking a treatment with me is a great opportunity to combine time celebrating one's body and soul whilst having the opportunity to explore ancient nature.


I am also trained in working with trauma found in the body. My passion is to help people come alive by releasing the pain that lives in the body that is draining our energy resources. If you are interested to check out my work please click through to the website, I offer 20 min free consultation calls